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Research Alliance for Veterinary Science and Biodefense BSL-3 Network

Who we are

A collaborative community of 19 academic and federal institutions to establish strategic and coordinated approaches for collective large-animal biocontainment infrastructure and science capacity to improve bio-surveillance, diagnostics, and countermeasure developments against high-consequence pathogens of veterinary importance.

Membership Inclusive of Institutions with Mission Interests
Spanning Livestock, Wildlife, and Public Health

Common Themes Across Institutions

Perform research and provide training on high-consequence pathogens

Develop diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics

Facilitate responses to infectious disease emergencies

Interest in solving one health research problems, in the U.S. and globally

Network Membership

  • Combination of University and Federal Laboratories
  • National in scope
  • Spans veterinary and public health capabilities at BSL-3 level and above